Get (getting) Up On the Wheel is a auto racing expression, used to describe crunch time in a close race. It is when the driver is in the moment, leaning forward (up on the steering wheel) and giving it everything he’s got.

What does it have to do with political activity or philosophy? In these times, everything. Our country is facing a crisis in and is at a pivotal time. To win this fight we all have to be up on the wheel.

Stay informed, separate the real news from the distractions, rely on core principles, get involved, create, and push forward.

Waiting around for the government to get its act together is pointless. The power structure, the controllers, the cronies have no interest in changing what works for them. Change can only come from the people.

Who am I? Just a guy who loves his country and more importantly the core values and principles on which is was founded. American is not perfect, and never will be, but we can do a lot better than this.


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